Temporary Wallpaper

Style At Home / October 7, 2015

Allow me to start off by saying that this is the smallest apartment I have ever lived in and at first, it was a huge challenge in figuring out the layout of this space. Instead of adopting a Scandinavian approach to small space living, I decided…


A Glamorous Modern Home

Style At Home / August 6, 2015

I am so excited to welcome you into the home of my beautiful and amazingly talented friend Liana! This gorgeous renovated, two-story Toronto house has just the right mix of modern, organic elegance that truly speaks to my heart. Liana designed and decorated every square…


Freshen Up Small Spaces

Style At Home / July 28, 2015

Is it just me or do we get a bit bored of our decor after a while and yet again crave a little change? For small spaces like my entryway, I'm always looking for ways to brighten up and bring a bit of freshness into it.…


4th Of July Decor

Style At Home / July 1, 2015

Wait a minute..... when did it all of a sudden turn into July? The year sure is flying by and I'm just trying to keep up with all the changes it's bringing. I am however super stoked for this weekend's 4th of July celebrations with great friends,…


Weekend Mode

Style At Home / June 21, 2015

Is it just me? or...... as soon as Monday begins, we look forward to weekend mornings ...... especially the Sunday ones?! For me, it's that sense of being {temporarily} free from life's obligations and taking time to breathe, relax and just enjoy the simple things in life.…


Entryway Decor Ideas

Style At Home / May 14, 2015

The hallway or entryway may seem insignificant when compared to the rest of your home but it is actually the first and last space you see every single day. And if you're lucky enough to have a hallway closet then you know how important it…


Spring Livingroom Decor

Style At Home / March 25, 2015

SPRING is finally here and it feels like a breath of fresh air has wafted into my home this season. Without a doubt this is one of my favorite times of year because everything comes to life with bright green hues and colorful blooms.  It's…


Christmas Decor

Style At Home / December 3, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I honestly wait all year long for this moment when the tree goes up, the lights are on and it's time to pick out ornaments. This year it's all about white, gold and green and I have…


Fall Dining Room Decor

Style At Home / October 14, 2014

It all started with a white porcelain pumpkin I picked up from Home Goods which prompted me to completely change my dining room decor from an earthy neutral to this sleek white and green palette. And if by chance you don't know by now, I…


Apartment Tour

Style At Home / August 26, 2014

Welcome to my home! Having moved from San Francisco to Miami just 1 year ago, it has definitely been quite an adjustment from the weather to my lifestyle but I am loving everything that this beautiful beach city has to offer. When it came to…